The Internet Namespace Cooperative
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Who We Are

We are a group of internet users who have decided to try and put an end to the conflict of interest inherent in having the "root zone" (the list of servers of the top level domains) managed by the same organization that runs the largest registries.

What We Are Doing

We are currently providing an alternative to the root name servers. These alternative root servers point to all of the top level domains that the internic currently lists, and also contains additional top level domains that meet the guidelines we have developed. These are only pointers, the organizations responsible for the domains themselves remain in control. The service we're providing is simply a disinterested third party integrating the traditional and independent name registries.

How To Use Our Service

To use the service, simply download the root cache file and install it in place of your current root.cache file. Restart your name server, and your organization will then be able to see all the independent top level domains as well as the traditional ones maintained by the NIC.

This is perfectly safe: we have currently implemented five root servers, with more to be brought on line as the load grows. These servers are widely dispersed through the Internet, on reliable hardware and high bandwidth network links.


Other Information